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There is no shame in admitting that your journey at a particular city has come to an end. Even if you have lived in that city all your life, it may be required for you to move so that you can pursue education or a new career. Deliveree is making such moves easier for people in Thailand. Whether it is an individual, couple, family or business, Deliveree ensures that moving is no longer the complicated and expensive matter that it was. Here is an assessment of the Deliveree services offered in Thailand in relation to moving houses.

Moving in Thailand with Deliveree

Thanks to Deliveree, moving is a whole new game compared to the past. A few years ago, people had to talk with moving companies if they wanted to transport their items. Or they had to get a truck rental and drive it on their own. It was a shame that only two major options existed. Deliveree has managed to enter that market and create a whole new solution that no one had thought about. The company makes it easy to load up a truck and then have it driven by professionals. It is the cheapest way to move with convenience.

Let Others Do The Work

Families and couples who need to move but cannot drive a truck for hundreds of miles are in luck. All it takes it signing up with the Deliveree website or downloading the app. Now the person has an account and they are in a position to create their own order. They can inform Deliveree about the size of truck they need, when it should arrive and when it will be ready to drive away. Deliveree will provide information about the cost and how long it will take for the truck to reach the destination.

Loading and Unloading

All that is needed is a simple loading and unloading operation. Pack up all possessions into boxes and get furniture onto the truck as well. Close it up, place the lock and ensure that it is sealed. Now Deliveree will take over, as its driver will get the items to the destination. It is a same day delivery service in the city or a neighboring city. It is a next day service for areas that are within 100 miles. Anything further may be a two or three day service, depending on the schedule and road conditions.

Affordable House Moving

If someone gets a job offer in another city, they may be thinking that it is time for them to move. Now they are able to do so with the help of Deliveree. It is no longer an expensive process that involves dealing with unprofessional movers. Deliveree has a new fleet of trucks, classy workers and professional operations. Everything is done above board and fairly. People are informed about the rates they would pay ahead of time. Then it is a matter of agreeing to the rate, finalizing the schedule and figuring out when to load and unload items.

Smartphone Connectivity

Most people use their smartphone when they are wanting to chat or call someone. They may even use it to check the news or play games. But now it is possible to use a smartphone in Thailand to request a truck for home moving! If someone is moving to a nearby city or across the country, they can hire a truck using the app. By adding the credit or debit card, they can pay within the app as well. It is so easy to get a quote, make a payment and find out the status of the truck when it is en route to the destination.